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Career Fair




Move your career
at the speed of now

Discover flexible, collaborative careers in supply chain, data science, marketing, technology, finance, engineering, and design—to name just a few. Be ready to meet some of the most exciting brands in the country.

How to rock the Career Fair

Be prepared

Bring copies of your resume and research the attending companies that you're interested in.

Dress to impress

A first impression means everthing! Look your best by dressing in professional attire.

Practice makes perfect

Have a 20-30 second introduction memorized that describes what value you can bring to an employer. Be sure to have questions ready in advance as well. You'll want to present your best, confident self to a potential employer.

Follow up with your new contacts

Personally follow up with the contacts you make. The rule of thumb is to send them an email within 24 hours of when you met them.


Employers who attended in 2018

In 2018, students had the opportunity to meet with some of the best retailers in the country. Don't miss your opportunity to land your dream job!