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Walmart: Sparking Innovation

Friday, January 10
Fifth Floor: Westside Ballroom Salon 1
Walmart: Sparking Innovation

As a people-led, tech-empowered business, we believe that technology has immense potential to enhance the customer and associate experience in our stores. That’s why we transformed an existing and fully-operating grocery store into an in-store AI lab, The Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL).  Our working AI lab allows us to test a broad range of applications in a real environment so we can understand the real ways new technology can radically improve how real customers shop for the things they need the most.  In this session, we will provide an overview of the work we’re doing inside our Intelligent Retail Lab as well as a deeper dive into several key areas of focus, including leveraging AI to help improve inventory and on-shelf availability. 

Suggested majors: Computer Science, Supply Chain, Retail Management, Digital Retailing, Data Science

Mike Hanrahan
IRL Lab by Walmart