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Kristen Jones (KJ) Miller

Kristen Jones (KJ) Miller
Kristen Jones (KJ)

Mented Cosmetics
Kristen Jones (KJ) Miller and Amanda E. Johnson are the co-founders of premium beauty line, Mented Cosmetics. The two business professionals met at Harvard Business school from which they both graduated in 2014.

Prior to founding Mented Cosmetics, KJ worked as a management consultant in Deloitte’s retail practice and as a jewelry buyer for the department store, Sears. Amanda worked as the head of business development for Barney’s New York and as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs.

Consumers and beauty enthusiasts themselves, KJ and Amanda were often disappointed with the limited beauty options and shades for darker skin tones. The two birthed Mented Cosmetics as their solution to the real and relatable problem of inclusivity in the beauty industry.

“I love helping every woman find herself in the world of beauty,” says KJ, “and I love building a brand that prioritizes women who have previously been ignored. If we're able to help even a single woman feel more confident and more beautiful, we're doing something magical.”

As entrepreneurs, Amanda and KJ know how to take an idea, like Mented, from its infancy stage and develop a fully operating business venture that both fills a void and tells the stories of so many women. They are both passionate about seeing real-world, positive changes as a result of their work.

“My nature is to develop stories and create, but also plan and be concrete,” adds Amanda. “With Mented, we are telling the story of everyday natural beauty for women of color and practically solving their beauty problems. I’m excited to be a part of this beauty revolution.”

When the duo is not in the lab concocting new products for women of all shades, KJ can be found enjoying brunch with her husband, mimosa in hand, while Amanda can be found exploring NYC and going to museums and galleries.

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