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Lauren "The Intern Queen" Berger

Lauren "The Intern Queen"

Founder & CEO
InternQueen, Inc.
Lauren Berger is CEO & Founder of and She’s also a frequent public speaker and the Author of All Work, No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. Based in Los Angeles, Berger oversees the IQ Agency, a campus marketing agency helping brands connect with ambitious young people. Check out her weekly YouTube videos on career, college, and entrepreneurship here.

Speaking in:

Friday Jan 12
4:00 - 4:30 PM
Hall D, Special Events Hall, Level 1
Lauren Berger founded Intern Queen Inc. in 2009 after recognizing the need for a more personalized way for young people to connect with the internships and career opportunities of their dreams. She'll be sharing her advice from her book The Real... Read more
Saturday Jan 13
3:00 - 4:30 PM
Hall D, Special Events Hall, Level 1
Freshmen and sophomores will receive tips and best practices for choosing the right internship, and how not to suck at it, before joining the Career Fair to network.