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Magnus Rindefjell

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SVP, Supply Chain North America
Magnus Rindefjell is Senior Vice President and responsible for logistics and supply chain strategies and operations for the H&M Group in North America. Magnus has a wide international background stemming from Logistics, IT and Business development and has been a part of growing H&M from 500 stores in western Europe to almost 5000 stores and e-com sites in 71 markets worldwide during his 18 years within the H&M group. Magnus is known for having excellent communication skills, building top performing teams and to make things happen. When not studying the latest trends within fulfillment and customer satisfaction, you will probably find Magnus spending time with his family, skiing back country or running in the forest.

Speaking in:

Saturday Jan 12
12:45 - 1:30 PM
Hall E, Level 1

What’s the smartest way to get smart phones from a port in Louisiana to stores in Ohio? Find out during this session as supply chain specialists discuss being on the frontlines of solving complex problems for the most exciting and... Read more